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Chrome OS’ Target Market

Written on December 16, 2010 by Adam Eve

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For an office worker or for someone who needs a computer but does not know how to use it safely, the Chrome OS might be the operating system that answers their problems.

Though Google is not sharing any secrets about its Chrome OS, there seems to be a type or person in mind for its desktop system. With the help of Chrome OS Linux desktop, Google looks like targeting two very different audiences. The first group is the office workers, while the second one are those users who really don’t know the first thing on how to use a computer safely even if they are computer literate.

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Chrome OS Gets a Special Keyboard

Written on December 07, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Google has confirmed that it's going to reveal the first Chrome OS netbook today. And the special keyboard incorporated for the web-based OS is roaming across the web.

Google is scheduled to reveal its first Chrome OS today. However, the blogosphere is busy scrutinizing a special keyboard for the web-based OS released by Engadget.

The chicklet keyboard does not bear any Chrome OS branding, but it has some unique keys designed for a notebook with a web-based OS. In particular, the keyboard has a dedicated search key. But there is a problem with the Chrome OS keyboard. Acer’s ZGA Chrome netbook also sports the same keyboard with a dedicated search key. So does this mean that the Chrome OS keyboard is not unique at all?

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