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Surf The Web While Showering in a Touch Screen Shower Room

Written on August 25, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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‘Le Terme’ is a shower room that combines technology with luxury

Designer Fei Chung Billy Ho has come up with an innovative concept, ‘Le Terme’, a high-tech shower room that allows techies to enjoy a luxurious showering experience with the help of technology.

It features a stainless steel structure that has a touch sensitive, see-through display panels which can be synced to any tablet or smartphone. It lets users to browse through websites, listen to music, even make phone calls while showering. It also has a cypress wood base that is hygienic because it naturally kills bacteria, viral infections, and fungus.

Ho’s creative design made him a finalist in the Reece Bathroom Innovation Award.

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Conserve Water with a Shower Stall That Doubles as a Washing Machine

Written on August 04, 2012 by Lulu

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The Washit design concept allows you to wash clothes while taking a shower at the same time

People are getting more creative nowadays. Ahmet Burak from Turkey, has created a design concept that combines a shower stall with a washing machine.

The Washit allows consumers to save water. Before stepping into the shower, users can place their dirty clothes into the washer. The gray water collected while taking a shower, goes through three filters. The clean filtered water is used to wash the clothes.

Burak hopes to see Washit different public areas like gyms and airports.

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