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Five Most-Awaited Cameras of 2011

Written on August 23, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Check out GADG's initial details of the new digital and SLR cameras that are set to hit the store shelves this year.

Whether you are one of those artists who aspire to capture quality photos, or just a simple home buddy planning to document family bloopers, vacations, and sporting events; then you’d still better pick the best camera in the market. There are a lot of brands today competing for the “number 1″ position, and the only role of consumers is to review which among them is deserving to be bought.

In this article, GADG will provide you a detailed look at some of the anticipated cameras that are slated to reach the store shelves this year. The cameras being listed here also comes with their full features and pricing, letting you discover the best device that will fit your budget and needs.

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Canon 7D SV can Generate Barcode and Password

Written on August 19, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Canon's new 7D SV lets you put barcode for scanning, password and parental control on your photos.

Canon has released a new version of EOS 7D which may cost $129. This version lets you control how your camera take shots. The $1,829 EOS 7D Studio Version adds password controls to lock up your device, plus an option to put a barcode and data transfer kit for organization and puts large photos to databases using the version of Canon’s WFT-E5A wireless transmitter, just add $770 and you got it.

We know you’ll be wanting this version. In due time the price will go down, all we need to do is wait until that time comes.

You can view the official press release, just click on the link:

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