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Angry Birds Ships to PSP and PS3 This Week

Written on January 04, 2011 by Charles Bass

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Oh yes! You're reading it right. Angry Birds which was once a smartphone game is now heading to Sony consoles. It has been confirmed by the PlayStation blog that the device will be ready for its mini version this week.

The year 2011 must be a lucky year for the Sony consoles enthusiasts. Why? The all-time favorite game on iPhone and Android is now on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. What game are you thinking? Of course it’s Angry Birds.

The Rovio-developed game is now available for download as a PlayStation mini title this week. PlayStation minis are smaller games that can be downloaded on PSP and PS3. The mini version of Angry Birds seems like it will be similar to the versions of Angry Birds already available for iOS, Android and Symbian devices, complete with support for 63 levels of bird-flinging, block-busting, pig-smashing action.

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The “3rd Birthday” on 6th Place, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Top on Sales Chart List

Written on January 03, 2011 by Charles Bass

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The 3rd Birthday game surely is celebrating. When Inside Games tallied the weekly sale of games, 3rd Birthday suddenly burst out with pride as they hit the sixth part of the top ten fast selling games.

Inside Games has given Media Create’s weekly sales data today for December 20-26.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd hit the charts for the fourth week in a row, with a whooping 404,000 units since its December 1 release. Newcomers in the top 10 are AKB1/48 and The 3rd Birthday. Both of which are for PSP. The former sold 236,000 units. The latter sold 140,000 units. AKB1/48’s success was previously hinted at with some reports indicating over 250,000 pre-orders. See the chart after the skip.

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The Fall of Nintendo DS and Sony PSP?

Written on January 01, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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In a recent US-based survey, more gamers are shifting to the smartphones as their choice handheld console for video games. With this seemingly inevitable paradigm shift, will the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP still be around when smartphones finally dominate the category?

The Nintendo DS and PSP are on the edge of their seats as they compete head to head not only against each other, but new against a new player as well, the smartphones. With the uprise of games being developed for the iPhone and Android which took the gaming scene by storm as new forms of gaming consoles, will Nintendo DS and PSP still survive a couple more years as the gamer’s choice? In a nutshell, it will all boil down to what a specific gamer wants and needs. Although the future looks a little grim for the current reigning handheld champs.

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First Glimpse on Dissidia Final Fantasy 012

Written on September 14, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Be the first to see what makes Dissidia Final Fantasy 012 special.

At first, there was a leaked rumor that there might be a Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy somewhere. But today, Square Enix gave the official teaser site for the game we’ve been waiting for so long.

When you visit the site, you will see the logo with audio effects. Beneath the logo, the words “The story of defeat in approach of the final battle” is written. It is surely something to be excited about.

Square Enix also updated the Tokyo Game Show portal site saying that the game will be playable on the show. Tetsuya Nomura also hinted this on his Tweets last week.

The TGS page is showing tiny images of the game plus introducing characters. The sequel to the Dissidia Final Fantasy is due for PSP release in 2011.

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Sony PSP Aims a Shot on iPhone

Written on August 18, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Sony PSP targets Apple with a wacky advertisement.

The Android vs Apple battle is a different story as few big bunch of Apple enemies emerged. It is as if every gadget developer thinks that Apple is the big fat enemy and it should fall.

Sony has taken a new aim on iPhone and its gaming capabilities with its new PSP advertisement featuring Kevin Butler’s counter-part Marcus Rivers.

The ad typically reminds you that iPhone is used for “texting your grandma and calling your girl,” while Sony PSP is “built for big boy games,” some of which were as low as $9.99.

Looks like Apple will see more and more competitors in the next few months. Press play to see how the commercial goes:

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