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Microsoft: CES 2012 will be the Last One

Written on December 25, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Microsoft decided to put up its own events to launch new products.

It seems like the International Consumer Electronics Show or commonly known as CES will push through in the coming years without Microsoft Corp. The tech company said they will put have solo shows to show off their latest devices.

The CES 2012 which will be held in Las Vegas on January 9-12 will the last one for Microsoft. The company will set up a booth and the CEO will deliver the opening speech.

For 11 straight years, Microsoft founder delivered keynote speeches during CES but for the last show next month, current CEO Steve Ballmer will do the honor.

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Microsoft to Unveil Office 365 on June 28

Written on June 21, 2011 by Aiken Lewis

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Company president Steve Ballmer will host the special event in NYC.

The launch is set to take place from 10 to 11am EDT and will also be available online via live streaming.

Microsoft did not give the full details about the launch of the Office 365 but sources are saying this newest product will be available to customers come June 28.

Office 365 was first announced in October as a cloud-based alternative for companies in exchange of desktops and server products.

Office 365 is the coming together of Microsoft’s Office Web Apps, Exchange, SharePoint and Lync. It has been running in beta mode since April and offered in two versions: entry-level Office 365 for Professionals and Small Businesses and larger-scale Office 365 for Enterprises. The products are priced at $6 and $10 to $27, respectively.

See the demo video of the Office 365 after the jump.

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Windows 8, Coming next Year

Written on May 24, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Microsoft appears to be gearing up for some good deals, as the company reveals that the Windows 8 will be available some time next year.

Microsoft’s top man, Steve Ballmer, told his audience during the company’s developer’s forum in Tokyo yesterday that the next version of Windows operating system will be released some time next year. He even added that people might hear more of Windows 8 in the coming days.

The Microsoft CEO also mentioned the upcoming Windows Phone 7 announcements scheduled for today. It appears that Microsoft is preparing sweet treats for its customers this year.

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Microsoft and RIM Surprises World, Bing Coming to Blackberry

Written on May 04, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Microsoft and RIM, long time rivals in the business-use of smartphones, now forge an alliance in order to survive the harsh territories of the market.

When you see Microsoft Chief Executive, Steve Ballmer, walk to the stage of a Microsoft event and announce something about Bing, it’s pretty normal. But when you see Microsoft Chief Executive, Steve Ballmer, walk down to the stage of a Blackberry World conference and announce something about Bing, hell must have frozen.

In an apparent move to boost their presence in the business-use of the smartphone, Microsoft and Research in Motion (RIM) have forged an alliance that will bring the Bing search engine and map to Blackberry phones. This comes as a surprise, since Microsoft and RIM has been playing one-upsies over the business category of the smartphone industry years ago. But the Blackberry triumphed, as it wipes out Microsoft’s staunchest champion — the Windows Mobile.

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Windows Slates Opts to Overthrow the iPad

Written on December 14, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is back in making efforts to topple the dominance of iPad. Will he succeed this time?

New York Times reported that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will show off some new slates and tablets from their PC partners on the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011. Looks like Microsoft finally has the guts to overthrow Steve Jobs and the iPad. But come to think of it, seems like deja vu?

Last year, Steve Ballmer’s centerpiece was an HP Slate prototype, but it did not make a huge impact. Ballmer noted that there is more to come for the Windows slates this year. Nevertheless, the statement is not impressive enough for Wall Street Journal and many consumers. He noted that the slates will be the top priority on Microsoft list of developments come 2011 and it is also expected to be the first “real” Windows-based iPad competitor. NY Times says that a tablet line-up will be announced next month. Among these are Samsung and Dell tablets respectively.

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Microsoft CEO Sells $1.3 Billion Worth of Microsoft Shares

Written on November 08, 2010 by Charles Bass

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This might come as a surprise but it is true that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sold 12% of his Microsoft stakes. But just in time with the news, Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates also sold a part of his Microsoft stakes. Coincidence?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently sold 12% of his shares in Microsoft that’s worth over $1.3 billion. According to the SEC, Ballmer sold 49.3 million Microsoft shares during the last three days making his ownership to 4.2% of the company. He sold his shares between $26 and $28.

Ballmer readied himself with a statement for the watchful eyes of the people. This statement was posted on Microsoft’s website.

Here is Ballmer’s statement:

“Even though this is a personal financial matter, I want to be clear about this to avoid any confusion. I am excited about our new products and the potential for our technology to change people’s lives, and I remain fully committed to Microsoft and its success.”

He also stated that he intends to sell more stakes up to 75 million before 2011. Possibly, he could sell 25 million shares of the company. This also coincides with the event of which Bill Gates sold 1 million of shares worth $27.2 million.

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Microsoft Presents the Windows Phone 7

Written on October 12, 2010 by Charles Bass

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We've been all dying to know and to see Windows Phone 7. From leaks to sneak peeks, now we have it for real. Microsoft unwraps its greatest weapon to compete against Apple, Android and BlackBerry.

Microsoft recently unleashed the power to compete with Apple, BlackBerry and Android —presenting the Windows Phone 7 (WP7). Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also revealed the 9 mobile phones powered by WP7 during the event in New York. Ballmer also take note that there will be 60 mobile operators who will offer the device around the world. All of which are made from South Korea’s Samsung and LG Electronics, Taiwan’s HTC and US computer giant Dell, in more than 30 countries.

“We have built a different kind of a phone,” Ballmer said. “We set out to build a phone that was thoroughly modern. We focused on the things that real people really want to use,” he said. “We really put our energy into bringing together the things that you love.”
Mobile phone powered by the WP7 will run email from various services – integrate calendars, contacts and social networks and allow for documents to be viewed, edited and shared using Microsoft Office.
There will also be the Zune music player platform and the access to mobile version of Xbox games.

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Microsoft Starts their Big Show

Written on October 11, 2010 by Charles Bass

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As we all know and heard, Microsoft is holding a special event today, October 11 at NYC. They will discuss surrounding details about their much anticipated Windows Phone 7.

Today, Microsoft is holding an event at NYC. You may say that some details may be around the Windows Phone 7 launch. That’s the latest buzz swarming around. The show is about to start and you will be the first to know about the latest happenings. In case you haven’t heard, Steve Ballmer and AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega will talk about the gadgets we can’t get enough of.

Things will change for the smartphone industry in a short while. We’ll keep you posted.

Tuned in with the times below.

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Adobe and Microsoft: Teams-up for World Invasion

Written on October 10, 2010 by Charles Bass

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When two worlds collide,it will definitely clash. But if it is for the benefits of both ends, surely, we'll see success. Adobe and Microsoft, recently met and talked about the future of their respective companies. There might be something that they are planning to execute. Their main targets? Google and Apple.

Admit it guys, nobody’s perfect. Even the technology and software giants have their own problems. Just like what happened recently with Adobe and Microsoft. Google and Apple are running face to face with them it seems that they found glory in each other’s arms. Reports came out in New York Times, who collected reports from employees and consultants representing both companies. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Adobe’s Shantanu Narayan recently conducted a meeting on Adobe’s headquarters. It was a closed-door affair. It went out for an hour covering topics that dominated the world of technology. The electrifying scoop is, a possible option for Microsoft to acquire Adobe. It must have been accurate but we cannot judge until the book is finally open, right? So Steve Jobs, you might be a little agitated about this? Not giving Adobe a chance? We’ll keep you posted.

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The Clash of the Hanvon Slate and iPad Video

Written on August 11, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Which side are you in: red or blue?

On the red corner, the Hanvon Slate, a tablet which just made its way to the market. On the blue corner, the famous iPad. Who’ll emerge victorious in Internet browsing, Youtube viewing and email creation? Let’s find out.

A little background first on the reason behind this comparison: Steve Ballmer’s recent announcement that HP Slate got canceled made us explore tablets PCs which can go head-to-head with iPad when it comes to everyday online activities.

In general, the video is unbiased when it comes to scrutinizing the abilities of the two products. However, obvious difference between Hanvon and iPad is the LCD size which congests the keyboard. To conclude, both devices perform tasks well, Hanvon Slate gives full OS access while iPad verges on smooth and slick browsing experience.

Press play to see the complete run of the video.

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