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Tokyo Game Show 2011: Mark your Calendars

Written on September 20, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The Tokyo Game Show 2010 is a huge success with recorded 200,000 attendees. Now, organizers have Tokyo Game Show 2011 scheduled.

The Tokyo Game Show 2010 is still trending and the stories are coming up every minute. But the show organizers are talking ahead of the future with next year’s event.

As the show officially closed Sunday evening, CESA announced that the next year’s show will take place on September 15 until 18 or 16 to 18. Which is quite something to be excited about.

The reason for the unscheduled date is that CESA has not yet decided if it will make two business days or just one. It initially said the same thing during last year’s event. Just before the final decision of a 4-day event instead.

As reported previously, the overall attendance was up this year. Number of guests hit the 200,000 mark for the first time ever.

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Tokyo Game Show 2010: Microsoft Keynote

Written on September 16, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Ten new titles are coming unto perspective! Some are very new, and some are an upgrade of the old. But all of them are developed in Japan. Check what the Microsoft Keynote in TGS 2010 is all about.

The Tokyo Game Show 2010 started with a crazy hype with lots of hearts, stars and robots roaming the Mukahari Messe in Chiba, Japan. Mr. Sensui, and exec from XBox Japan, has taken the stage initially to give a recap of the past TGS, and an insight of what the future of XBox and Kinect will be. Focusing on the Japanese game creators and their talent, the event promised ten titles that will be discussed throughout the convention for Day One.

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