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Samsung Reveals Illusion for Verizon

Written on September 17, 2011 by Lulu

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Samsung confirmed that their Illusion smartphone will be on Verizon through a post on Flickr.

Samsung gave away the game for its upcoming Illusion smartphone when they posted a preview of it through Flickr on Thursday. Even if the said post just have few details, it confirms the SCH-I110 badge and that it will top out at 3G for data.

Its also said that the device will use a variant on Samsung’s most recent TouchWiz interface for Android 2.3 scaled down to smaller screens. Aside from its Sustainable Product Certification as a more eco-friendly phone, most other details have been up in the air. Common leaks have claimed that it either use an 800MHz or 1GHz processor, a three-to-five megapixel camera and a 320×480 screen.

The Illusion is expected to arrive to Verizon on September 29, and it will cost around $100 on a contract as an option for those who want a modern Samsung Android phone but don’t need the Droid Charge or the other high-end model.

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Apple Gets Another Delay For Galaxy Tab 10.1 on Australia

Written on August 29, 2011 by Lulu

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Apple succeeded again in obtaining another delay for the launch of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.

Apple managed to get another Australian delay for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on Sunday. Samsung was scheduled to ship the Android tablet to the said country on September 12 after the first delay, but they agreed to move it back to September 30 — almost a month after the original release date.

The company dropped its objections after Federal Court Judge Annabelle Bennett said it would only make sense to wait until a hearing, due in the last week of September, that would determine whether a preliminary injunction would be upheld. The original agreement not to sell Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia was based on the US version of the said tablet, but with a view to the Australian version being different. However, it’s now likely that the Australian Galaxy 10.1 is shipping with the custom TouchWiz interface preloaded.

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Video: Samsung Showcase Galaxy Tab 10.1’s TouchWiz

Written on July 06, 2011 by Lulu

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Samsung's YouTube video shows off Galaxy Tab 10.1's TouchWiz interface.

Samsung recently uploaded a video that showcases new and known features of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The video also shows the upcoming TouchWiz interface’s details.

The TouchWiz interface had six Mini Apps that are already uploaded to the tab which include a calendar, task manager, clock, notepad, calculator, and music player. However, even with those details, the release of the Galaxy Tab hasn’t been announced. But the existence of the said video might indicate that it may be launched very soon.

Check out the 12-minute long video on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 after the jump.

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SaskTel, First Company to Launch Samsung Galaxy S II in Nort America

Written on June 17, 2011 by Lulu

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After selling more than a million units in Korea alone, Samsung's Galaxy S II will make its North America debut through SaskTel.

North American carrier Saskatchewan-based cellular carrier SaskTel will launch Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphone for North American area. This make this company to be the first to get the highly anticipated gadget from Samsung. Promising that the device will be ship within next month. Samsung’s Galaxy II may be on track for a wider distribution through several North American carriers in mid July.

The smartphone which is Android based had broken an internal record for the company by selling over one million units in Korea alone within 30 days.

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