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Nook Color 2, Coming Soon?

Written on September 05, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Barnes & Noble is said to be working on a Nook Color 2, but with a catch....

According to TechCrunch, Barnes & Noble is working on a new version of its Nook Color that could be available sometime this September. However, Nook Color 2’s specs and features are currently thin on the ground — except that it is believed to have the same 7-inches display too. Regardless, there were reports that suppliers of components are ready to ship the device’s parts.

TPK Holdings is rumored to supply the eReader’s touch panels, and will be assembled by Inventec. There are also rumors that E Ink will provide the back plates of Nook Color 2. But if that would be the case, it could put an end to the Nook Color 2’s tablet potential. A color e-paper could jeopardize the option to get a custom Android ROM, though it could improve battery life. That said, owners of the current Nook Color may stay away from the next model.

Just stick it here at GADG for more updates on Nook Color 2.

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Amazon Faces Problems with LCD Tablet Production

Written on June 30, 2011 by Lulu

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Amazon is facing a problem on securing a manufacturer for their rumored LCD tablet, as Apple Booked almost all of the tablet component makers.

According to a report, Amazon could face a problem with their rumored LCD tablet production due to Apple iPad 2’s occupation to most tablet manufacturers in the upcoming second half of the year. DigiTimes reported that touch panels makers Wintek, HannStar Display and J Touch received orders for a touchscreen tablet from Amazon.

However, Wintek also takes orders from Apple for their iPad and iPhone. Recent news about Wintek said that it will have a tight production schedule for the coming months, making ut diificult to accommodate orders from Amazon. On the other hand, TPK Holdings – a major supplier of touch modules for the iPad – said that they are uncertain to grab orders from Amazon because of the capacity problem.

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