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Clearwire Cleared of Trademark Case vs Sony Ericsson For Now

Written on February 16, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Clearwire wins round one. Is Sony Ericsson going to retaliate soon?

Clearwire has just won round one of a trademark case vs corporate giant Sony Ericsson. It was reported about a month ago that Sony Ericsson has sued Clearwire for alleged copyright/trademark violation of the former’s logo. Clearwire vehemently denied the accussations and have submitted a counter statement indicating that the demand had “insufficient evidence of likelihood of confusion and no irreparable harm.” We couldn’t blame Sony Ericsson though because their logos do looke a little similar, but hey, it happens around the world.

Clearwire may have won this round, but Sony Ericsson isn’t gonna go down that easily. Check out Clearwire’s official statement on the matter after the break!

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