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Sony Sells 1.8 Million Units of PS Vita

Written on May 13, 2012 by Aiken Lewis

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About 600,000 PS Vita units have been sold every month, since it was launched.

Sony President and CEO Kaz Hirai reveals that their company has sold over 1.8 million units of PS Vita and is expecting to sell an additional 10 million units by the end of March in 2013.

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PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards: The Official List of Nominees

Written on February 16, 2011 by Charles Bass

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The future of your favorite game lies in your hands.

Not only celebrities gets to be nominated for an award but also video games. These video games could also be recognize for being the best in the gaming industry.

The official nominees for the PlayStation Network’s Gamers’ Choice awards were revealed today. Winners will be selected by gamers’ votes. Winning titles will be celebrated by the PSN crowd and will go on sale with a very huge discount on the upcoming PS Store Spring Fever Sale. You can cast your votes starting February 22.

See the list of nominees after the skip.

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The Top 20 Android Games Offered for Free

Written on October 31, 2010 by GADG

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Make your Android life more exciting with these fun and exciting games which can be downloaded absolutely free. Don't be left behind, download these games now!

Do you believe that you can find gem within the junk? It is the same case you will encounter in finding fun and enjoyable Android games in the many options available. A bonus treat? You don’t have to shed money off your pockets. Find in the list below games that you should download to your phone right away.

See after the jump best 20 Android games you can download for free.

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