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Samsung GT-S8600: Could Be Wave III?

Written on August 08, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Samsung is rumored to unveil three bada phones as pointed out by Samsung Russia's website. And its GT-S8600 can be the anticipated Wave III.

While many may think that Samsung has forgotten all about its bada OS, Samsung Russia’s website indicated that there can be three bada phones in the horizon. The said upcoming bada phones are dubbed as GT-S5360, GT-S8600 and GT-7250D.

The Samsung GT-7250D was discovered in bada 2.0 SDK, and was identified as Wave752. In addition to this, the devices is said to feature a HVGA display. Meanwhile, the two other phones are yet to identified. But looking at the model numbers, one can assume which OS they might be running. The GT-S8600, in particular, can be the Wave III that is expected to be unveiled soon.

Other details remain scarce. However, people can expect to learn more during Samsung’s IFA in September.

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