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Chrome Web Store’s Launch is On its Way

Written on August 20, 2010 by Adam Eve

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So we have seen these great web apps and what we can do with HTML5. Now, it's to make way for the newest online marketplace made by Google. Calling the attention of all developers and app creators, we now have Chrome Web Store -- and it's cheaper than Apple's App Store.

Google’s Chrome Web Store is one step closer to reality as they launch their first developer preview. Google’s marketplace for web apps first appeared at the company’s I/O conference last May. It is designed to be the main venue for buying and selling HTML5-based web applications. It will have a similar approach to Apple’s iPhone App Store, only Google will take a five percent processing fee from every transaction.

Though the Web Store will not be open to the public until October, the company is making sure that its marketplace will be filled with quality apps on its release day. Hence, today, developers can now access the developer’s preview via Google Code Labs. The preview is a platform for creating, uploading, testing and selling web apps, that can come in either hosted or packaged form. The hosted apps run on a webpage, while the packaged ones are downloaded by the users. The search giant is looking forward to attracting programmers and application creators to their platform. Why not? With Google’s massive distribution channels, app store interface and small transaction fees, it’s a win-win situation!

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