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[REVIEW] How Ergonomic is the Engage Wired Optical Mouse?

Written on August 11, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The Engage wired optical mouse is comfortable to use, good looking, and reasonably priced. However, only three of the six buttons work on the Mac and it's only ideal as a spare mouse.

OfficeMax recently introduced the Engage Wired Optical Mouse for Mac or PC. The medium-sized mouse looks larger than it feels in the hand, but it comfortably fits into any palm size. The press release or the website did not list any pixel or DPI ratings. But guessing based on the mouse’s movement and precision, it runs in a standard 400 DPI. However, the drawback is presented upon opening the package. The software in the CD is shipped on a mini-disc, which does not work on loading CD drives. Using an old Mac to load it, no Mac drivers were found. All files are for PC and Windows-related system, but it is not Windows 7 compatible either. Therefore, the compatibility is limited to two buttons and vertical scroll wheel only.

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